It all started when my father took me for the first time to the Movie Theatre. I was in awe. But not for the reason I thought at the time. As a young boy, I did not understand how the power of movies could impact the subconscious and define one’s identity.

As I grew older, I realised that film tapped into my desire to be a storyteller.

The experience of Movie Theatre has always evoked my deep-seated emotions and is a truly cathartic experience if the filmmaker chooses to be so. The sense of the epic and the hope for dignity and autonomy inspires me daily.

The adventure of exploring the unknown and hidden territories of human History is a journey I started some years ago. Drawing as a child I realise my love was about creating image of things as much as the telling of stories of things.

Maybe some of my ancient ancestors told stories of their own Histories in the ways of their times. Although I was born and bred in the West, I have strong ties with Africa, which is deeply rooted in my own story.

My mother was born in Zambia, grew up in Zimbabwe and her lineage can be traced back to Zulu - South Africa. Also one of my childhood’s most important experience was my upbringing in West Africa when my father was working over there.

Now I realise how I have been privileged to inherit values that have been transmitted to me by both sides of my family. I can see how my education in both Europe and Africa has shaped what I do today.

To tell stories that link people with that unveiling of the delusions of civilisation in order to challenge the inherited prejudices of today.

In order to gain a solid grounding and deep knowledge on these matters, I spent my gap year at Oxford perfecting my English and auditing PPE courses. Then I decided to read Politics and History on Africa, Middle East and Asia at the London School of Oriental and African Studies.

After my years of academic study, I knew that I had to learn the craft and art of Film Making. Thus expressing my ideas that I have inside of me, so that many could see and understand for themselves, this vision.

I started working as a runner on film sets and made my way up in the Film industry. For the last years, I have been most fortunate, not without a lot of sheer hard work, to direct my own documentaries that were commissioned by international broadcasters.

Now that I have become a storyteller in the most influential medium of the age, I want to convey my vision to mass global audiences.

As a film director heavily involved in the production process, I value the creative art to affect human transformation and to address the suppressed historical memories.

Presently, I concentrate on making media projects, which brings together ancient stories, modern developments and historical connectivity between (non western) civilisations.

This is very important to me because I firmly believe that the one who delivers, decides, directs and describes the narrative and writes the story, will shape the future of us all.

And in this era of great changes, I want to tell a new tale of Africa and the world.